Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)



Video Instructions
For your convenience we have recorded a series of short videos demonstrating aspects of the form. Each segment is less than 5 minutes long. To watch the videos simply click on the hyperlinks below.

Segment 1

AMC EPLI and Management Liability Webinar – Workflows and Resources – Introduction

Segment 2

Segment 2 Syllabus and Overview

Segment 3

Technological Notes, Available written instructions, Adobe Reader, and opening and saving the form.

Segment 4

Premier Buyer Smart Form – Data Entry Guide

Segment 5

Premier Buyer Smart Form – Indicated Premium, Taxes and Fees,  Application Signature

Smart Form Torus Management Liability Insurance (Blended Product – EPL, D&O and Fiduciary)

Segment 6

Smart Form for the Blended Product – Introduction and Overview

Segment 7

Smart Form for the Blended Product –General Functions and EPL

Segment 8

Smart Form for the Blended Product – D&O Section

Segment 9

Smart Form for the Blended Product – Fiduciary

California Smart form

Segment 10

California Smart Form

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